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ICC '98 : Four wonderful days are over !

One of the Stars at the International Contortion Convention:

The loveliest smile in contortion ever !

Copyright: Showbiz/SKA

There are two groups in the world of contortion now: Those, who were at the ICC and those, who were not . I proudly announce to belong to those!

Get out of the way, hier kommt JANA !

Youngest participants at the ICC:  Showsternchen-Jana (7) + Antje (9)

Nice latest pix of my new girl Antje

"Showsternchen" Janine & Yasmin (12)

Anja (11) - one of my serpent girls

Look at these bends ! - Unforgettable Ivanka

The Serpent Girls - Die Schlangenmädchen


Acrobatics - Circus - Contortion - Gymnastics

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